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FRANCE 1991 - Selfadhesive label 'Daguet Armées' - Sheetlet of 10 labels
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FRANCE Yv. 13A : 1991 - Selfadhesive label 'Daguet Armées' of 1st Gulf War
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FRANCE Sc. 1100 - PHILATEC Exposition 1964 MNH
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Red-Cross - 1952-59, complete set of 8 booklets, very small defaults on cover, stamps MNH
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How to present your stamp collection !
Some practical tips.

A good arrangement of your album page can take place both symmetrically, and asymmetrically; it is important to arrange stamps and text in a clearly way.

symetrically asymmetrically

You should avoid newspaper cuttings and other not-philatelic accessories (left), because stamps and philatelic documents - FDC's, special cancellations etc. - should be in the foreground (on the right).

wrong right

In no case the album page should be overloaded, nor with stamps (left), neither with text (on the right). Stamps and text must complete themselves mutually.

wrong wrong

Two further examples of the symmetrical (left) and asymmetrical (on the right) arrangement of the stamps, the philatelic documents and the text. 

Never the arrangement of stamps or text should be circular or diagonal!

Other philatelic articles

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